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Force GT 240GB bad?


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I installed my OS on this thing and at least once or twice a week my system completely freezes. Whatever I'm doing, everything on the screen (video, game, mouse pointer, all of it) is completely frozen. If there was sound playing, it's usually stuck in an infinite loop of a 0.1 second note of sound. Ctrl+alt+delete does nothing. It's totally locked. The system has to be powered off, turned back on, and "Start Windows Normally" after improperly shutting it down.


I got this Corsair SSD Toolbox. It says there are no errors. Running TRIM says everything is fine. My firmare version is 5.02. It says 5.05 is available, but when I download it and tell it to proceed, it just says "Firware update failed" every time.


My system specs are in my profile.


What's wrong with this thing? Aside from my old Intel SSD dying (freezed exactly the same way this one does, but completely died), I've never had this problem until I installed my OS on this Corsair. It's maybe 6 months old. Is that it? Is it basically dead?

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