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voyager 3.0 stick - ISSUE OR NOT????

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hello there,


I just recieved my 3rd voyager 32gb usb3.0-stick, all replaced by my local seller, who refused that there are problems with this stick.


I found plenty of posts in this forum which describe the problem very well.



I ask now, what do corsair masterminds say about it.

I just ask, because if there is a known issue you´d doing better by giving this info to your sellers.


I also did put this stic into a mac-computer. did that cause the problems?

is there something I did wrong? I dont know. always ejecting the stick before unplugging. is the usb3.0 port of my mainboard doing some kind of damage to the stick? I recognize it is becoming pretty hot everytime I plug it to the usb 3.0 port. I will try the usb2 port from now on, with this 3rd piece.

I dont want to have to go to replace it again. that would really really suck.


expecting some real answers from you brains.


nice regards.


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