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cmd8gx3m2a2133cp 2 x 4gb


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Just bought a set of Corsair Doninator Platinum 2 x 4gb. (they are gorgeous)


At this moment they are running at 2133mhz xpm profile.


9 / 12 / 11 / 28 / 54


I would like to set them at a higher setting 2400mhz. (is this possible?)


I normally use cpuz to determine settings but this gives met the

above highest setting.


I'm looking forward to stable / revised setting.


tks. in advance.

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Once you exceed the rated specs all bets are off!


There is no way to suggest any stable settings other than for you to try and see what you can achieve


Each set of memory will overclock differently as well as your CPU's memory controller.

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I thought there were guidelines which basic settings.

You might try places like overclockers.com, overclock.net and other overclocking forums. There is nothing here as far as that goes because all Corsair can guarantee are the rated specs of the memory. They won't post or suggest how to overclock because of the potential for hardware damage.

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