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H100i Dead LEDs


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First of all, I must say that I'm no pro when it comes to desktop components. (paid a friend to help build my set up). So, please bear with me as I have 0 clue on what's going on.


purchased my H100i earlier this year and was working great. no major problems at all until recently, when I moved my set to vacuum my room, I noticed that the lights on the corsair logo were out. I'm very sure it was working fine when it was first installed. Seeing that I only noticed that it was dead recently, I'm not too sure of when it starting being like this.


The fans still work, I'd like to believe that the liquid cooling still works, as my temperature isn't spiking too much and also I have no known way of telling whether the liquid is working. everything seems to be working fine except for the lights.


Been reading the forum before posting, and noticed that there are many people with the same or similar issue with regards to the LED lights being faulty. I just wanted to check if its a known hardware issue for this model. Is it a hardware issue?


or maybe someone can give some tips on ways to check if the liquid is working or not.



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