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My Experiences with Corsair Link


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Hi People.. Just a short email regarding my experiences with Corsair Link.


I have:

Corsair 900D Case

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply

4*8G RAM Modules (Corsair Link Enabled)

Corsair AirPro + FAN

Corsair Fan and Light Controller..

Gigabyte Sniper 5 Motherboard with 4770K Processor

SP120/AF120/AF140 Fans.


I have Them all hooked together and updated to latest non beta firmware.


- Lights.. Yes they work but where can I get more lights or can I use third party LEDs with them?


- Power Supply. Yes it finds it fine and can see all the bits on the Power Supply.


- AirPro. Its plugged into all the Ram Modules and then back to Controller and I can see its reporting the RAM Usage and Temperate but only the average temperate. Should I be able to see anything more regarding the RAM modules? or are the links JUST for the lights on top of the Pro. If I plug the Controller Straight into the RAM modules will I see anything more?

Also the Corsair Logo is upside down as the RAM->Airpro Cords are about 2 inches too short to fit to the other end of the modules so I can swap it over :-( Wish it had a reversible top)


- Fans.. fail. It seems a lot of people have reported that the Corsair 3 wire fans won't work really properly with the Corsair Link system and they either click when put down to anything less than 100% and this is what I have found. You can get them to slow down a tiny bit but not that well at all.


I have a front mount manual fan controller at the moment and that works 100% in manually slowing the fans down with clicking so it seems in a software/hardware issue with the Corsair Link Fan Controller. Even the Fans which came with the 900D Case don't work properly with the Corsair Link system.




I can replace the SP120 with 4 Wire PMW ones I've read works fine.. but what about the AF120/AF140's ???


In the Video

Corsair have AF120/AF140's I presume plugged into the Corsair Link system. How do Corsair have that working???


I note in the build doc (http://www.overclock.net/t/1297712/mc-corsair-corsair-900d-godzilla-unveiled/2200#post_19117552) with all the parts listed they have a FAN distibution hubs so is that just running all the fans at 100% and corsair link not controlling the fans at all???? Please explain?

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  • Corsair Employees

For the 140MM Fans they can only be controlled about 400RMP at most about 850-1100 RPM. So I would suggest using these on a MB Fan header.

For the SP120MM Fan you can request an RMA and note that you would like to replace them for the PWM version.

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