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Corsair Raptor H5 Buzzing


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I bought 2 of these headsets from Newegg a few weeks ago and just yesterday had the time to try them out.


What I wanted to use them for was so I can have 2 commentators at the same time on my gaming streams using Xsplit Pro version and VAC.


The headsets work fine and the mics are ok and using with VAC seems to work well. However, when recording locally or streaming from my Windows 8 laptop or Windows 7 desktop, I get a very consistent and moderately loud buzzing sound.


I have only used them with the included USB connectors and not had a chance to use the 3.5mm connectors and I've also tried different ports on both machines to no avail.


My stream setup consists of the headsets, 2 logitech webcams, the software VAC (virtual audio cables), an Elgato capture card, and USB 3.0 hub because I don't have enough ports on my laptop. The buzzing happens regardless of ports used, the USB hub present, machine used, VAC used and whether or not I am using the Elgato to capture or capturing straight from the PC with Xsplit. I also turned off AGC (automatic gain control) and that seems to have helped a bit but the sound is still there.


I have run dry on ideas. Whenever I use the listen feature in Windows, I do not get buzzing. What am I doing wrong?



I should note that I have not used the CD that comes with the headsets as I let windows get the drivers for me and I also know there was another cord that came with each set but forgot what it was used for. Not sure if this matters but I am trying to include every bit of information I can to help troubleshoot this.

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