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Corsair Vengeance 2000 problems. Shoulda known.


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I was hesitant about purchasing this headset in the first place because it only has 3 stars on newegg. I figured, I have the corsair 2.1 Sp2500 speakers so why not make all my audio on the Corsair brand? What a bad idea. This headset has only caused me nothing but problems. First of all, every time I reboot my computer I must re-select the 7.1 surround, on my Logitech g35 this came automatic. Also there is a constant hissing/static sound in the background. It is feint, but its damn annoying, it only stops when nothing is playing. There should be a warning label on the headset telling the customer about the white noise because some people do not like a constant hiss ringing in their ears which seems like a VERY common problem with this headset, my friend owns the Logitech g930's and this problem is not apparent on his headset. So I guess it's safe to say that Corsiar makes great speakers, but terrible headsets. Anyways, I either RMA now and expect the exact same issues to return, or I go buy a new Logitech headset to avoid these problems from recurring because nothing is worse than being stuck in a loop of constanly rma-ing items back and fourth.
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