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Second broken/faulty keyboard


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A friend bought me this keyboard over Christmas as a present i had it for a week before it failed and i had to wait months for him to get around to returning it finally i got it back about a month ago fresh outta the box and this one is faulty too.


Things i have noticed i dont use the any of the function buttons or the corsair software for this k90 when i was troubleshooting the problems.


It seems like the keys stick alot when im playing games


1-4 keys keep switching weapons in multiple games

spacebar key sometimes sticks when im typing



also the down arrow led does not light up and hasnt worked since i took it out of the box also for a keyboard that cost me £90 + £40 shipping when i had to return it im really dissapointed that half the keys arent even straight im not sure if this is a process error because it looks like its the keycaps and not the actual switches on the keyboard that are misalaigned.


Im hoping if i have to send this back you guys can send me a k95 or something different / a refund because this keyboard has never worked properly since the day i bought it.


I managed to get the rma number from when my friend sent it back a few months ago.







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