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H100i High Temps (Hitting 100°C)


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I'm not sure if this is what it should be, but based on a LOT of forum surfing and lurking I feel as if though my temps are way too high with this H100i. My TJMax is 100°C and I'm hitting it at full load with prime95.




What am I doing wrong? My fans are set for exhaust. I reapplied thermal compound (Arctic Silver 5) multiple times after cleaning it off in very small amounts/diff methods (half-pea, line, cross) None of the different methods give me any cooler temps. My CPU voltage is set at 1.330V. Overclocked to 4.5ghz. Any help would be greatly appreciated! i7-4770k Processor, Z87 Sabertooth Motherboard, NZXT Phantom Series Full Tower Case, H100i Cooler are all present in my system. My rooms temperature is 15.5°C (60°F)



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try going back on oc.,maybe the 4770 is putting out too much heat

the h100i are good coolers but past 4.4 its stressful.

rechecking tim may be a good idea after that.

having multiple monitoring programs running together can mess up readings...

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Lets see every (ABOUT) 10% increase in voltage is a 20% increase in heat right? Again (about) so 1.15 vs 1.3 is about 30%? Then you add the over 20% speed boost to it that's over 50% more heat if not 60s (idk rough estimate) so well idk where I'm getting at here honestly... Anyway try 4.2ghz and try voltage at 1.25 and see how it goes... Although your temps are like mine but still mine gets way too hot I have same problem if I run 4.2ghz 1.25 volts or higher my temps will hit 105C almost instantly and shut my computer down :(


I have i7 3770k


Also can try remounting it but you would need thermal paste to replace with... First I would just make sure that the block is on securely (DO NOT REMOVE UNLESS YOU HAVE SOME THERMAL PASTE TO REPLACE WITH) if you do then remount it

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