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Windows 8 Reboots after Memory Upgrade

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Hi, please I can use some advice ..


When upgrading my system memory (from 2x2 GB kingstom to 2x8 GB Corsair) I am facing some problemas.


Install the memory, everything fine. Motherboard boot, enters setup, ok.


But when starting Windows 8 64 Bits, right after the loading logo system crashs and Windows restarts the computer


Have already tried to boot from a USB for a fresh W8 installation but same problem occurs when logo screen appears.


Weird thin, this machine is a dual boot with Linux (Ubuntu). Ubuntu worked just fine with the new memory, no complains.


Follows my hardware configuration. Have alreade entered bios setup (after updating bios flash), tried to configure memory, voltage, everything according to corsair memry label but same problem continues


Have already tried to resert bios and to increase voltage for memory


Have no more ideas, could anyone please help ? Any clue ?


Thanks in advace,

Marcelo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)



Corsair model CMZ16GX3MA21600C10

Memory Instructions (label): 16 Gb (2x8GB), 559096, 131900283

1600 MHz, 10-10-10-27 1.50v ver 3.24


Intel Motherboard DH55HC

Bios Version: TCIBX10H.86A.0048.2011.1206.1342

Processor Type: Intel Core i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07 GHz

Bios Memory Configuration

Performance Memory Profile: Manuel – User Defined

Memory Multiplier: 10

tCL: 10

tRCD: 10

tRP: 10

tRASmin: 27

Memory Voltage: 1.50v

Host Clock Frequency Override: Manual

Host Clock Frequency (MHz): 160

Memory Configuration:

Multiplier: 10

Speed: 1600 MHz

Voltages: Memory; 1,5000 v

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