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CML8GX3M2A2133C11B not running at rated speed and voltage


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The systems hangs or fails to boot when i use the XMP profile in the BIOS. Even when I manually enter the frequency (2133 MHz) and timings (11-11-11-27-2T) @ 1.5V the system immediately hangs at post... so I can't even run memtest86+. I tried raising the voltage to 1.56V, but even then the systems hangs.


When I check the XMP profile with CPU-Z I find some rather strange timings?? :




At 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz they seem to run fine, but that's not why I bought it for...


Anything else I can try before I send the kit back?

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please post the memory tab as well.

also are you using the latest BIOS for your board?


I have the memory running at 1600 MHz 11-11-11-27 2t @ 1.5V at the moment, this seems to be stable...


Running with the latest BIOS.

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