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New TX650 has no four pin ATX12V aux connector?


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First time posting and first time replacing a psu.


I ordered this model: Corsair Enthusiast Series 650-Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply Compatible with Core i3, i5, i7 and platforms - TX650


to replace my old failed psu which was a 500 watt Raptor. I disconnected the ATX12V aux connector from my motherboard and looked for the same type of connector on the new psu to reconnect and do not have one. The old connector was a four pin and the new ones appear to be eight pins. Two of the cables have a six pin and a two pin connector. Can I use two of the two pins instead or will that do some irreversible harm? I am totally lost at this point.


What do I do now? The mobo is a Gigabyte and is running Vista. Computer is about 5 years old. Is there an adapter I can buy or did I buy the wrong psu and need to return it?


I have never done this before, but thought I would try since I found pics to show me how and so far, it was easier than I thought until I got to this problem.


Edited: I finally found the answer here: http://www.corsair.com/enthusiast-series-tx650-v2-80-plus-bronze-certified-650-watt-high-performance-power-supply.html The 8 pin splits into two four pins, now I can finish installing my psu. I hope this helps someone else who is new to computer repair/rebuilding.


Thanks for the help!

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I installed my psu and it works beautifully and now...I sense a new mobo and graphics card in my future. I am so excited that everything works as it should and I did by myself. That is a big deal for me who never did so much as open the case before!


So never say never and ask a lot of questions! It is not as hard as it looks as long as you get a psu that plays nicely with the other components.

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