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Looking to try to get in contact with support for a mouse I bought (LM3)

Trying to see if anyone can give me some more information.


Story thus far is that I visited my sister in San Jose at the end of May and bought a new mouse from Fry's Electronics. Went back home to Oklahoma and the mouse worked for a day before the wheel failed and now alternates randomly no matter which way you scroll. Contacted Fry's about a replacement but they said to contact Corsair instead.


There is no category for mice in the Corsair ticket system so I called the most probable support number I could find and some lady said to submit it under any random category and it would get sorted eventually. What 'eventually' means, I have no idea but I'd like to figure if I got hosed buying a $60 mouse from a company I used to like.

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you would need to explain exactly what you need replaced in the comments section of the RMA and it will be sorted out. be sure to also type your complete contact details in there as well.

post your case number here for faster results (usually).

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