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ax860i+corsair link


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will the fan only run with the link installed?

warmonger180, seems, yes, but it will be better to wait for a note from PS support crew.

As I see in my configuration, AX860i after power on starts in Default = Automatic mode, regardless of settings, made before power off.

Every time my workstation starts, I should invoke Corsair Link manager and either wait for fan to start in 20-30 seconds, or set the fan to 40% manually. If I will not start manager, the fan will not start and power will overheat in couple of hours. Now I'm investigating the PS - CL pair more, to get more facts.

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Yes and NO: the fan on the i-Series PSU will kick on at about 49 Deg C and turn off when it reaches about 45 Deg C internally so if the system is lightly loaded and you are in a room that is say 20 Deg C and your case has good ventilation the fan may never kick on, so it is a relative question and answer. However if you want the fan to run all the time then yes that can only be done with C-Link running.
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