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PSU for 800D


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So, my old PSU melted and killed my MB and CPU all in one go (non-corsair, don't worry :p). Now, I'm askign if anyone know if the cables on the Corsair PSU's are long enough to fit in an 800D case. I had a real issue finding it with the last one, and I bought a Chieftec one that did (3 years ago).


I'm now looking for a new one, and I'm seeing that pretty much all teh Corsair ones have a 60cm CPU power cable. that doesn't seem long enough at all, but maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone know if it's enough, or if not, are there extension cables I could buy? I'd feel a bit dirty asking for other brands that fits on Corsairs own forum, but I'm using their case, so I'm hoping it's not too dirty to ask for other brands if Corsair doesn't have any of their own.


Thanks for any help that can be provided. Oh, I guess I should say what size I want. I'm looking at 500-750, as it's powering a CPU, GPU (5870) and 6 storage drives. As well as a decent amount of fans.

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