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H70 specs


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got a decent fan controller (photo attached) the #1 reading is the CPU H70 pump RPM and temp probe that's on the back side of the CPU, providing that its right,

how much fluid is being circulating through the radiator at this RPM? wish there were a way to see this.

the #2 reading is the fan on the most inner side, or the one with the blue LED lights, the other one is the stock fan and its the push pullthe airflow is out of the case and ill change that later to see if there's any difference , going to get 1 or 2 more fans to mount on the top to bring cooler air into the case.


whats the ideal pump RPM for this fan speed?


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dont control the pump speeds


it is pointless unless you are getting really annoying noise but even then it wont work as efficently it will most likely reduce its life span and could void warranty is something happens as a result of controlling the pump speed

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its not pointless at all, what happens when a coolant is pushed to fast through a raideator such as this?


You are right that too high a liquid flow rate through a radiator can be a bad thing. However, I am sure Corsair knows what they are doing and would not have designed a cooling system where the pump could push too much coolant through the radiator. I wouldn't try and control the pump speed if I were you.

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yes the faster the less heat can be removed.


im willing to take that leap of faith when the claim to have a high quality product and i believe it,

did some testing of my own, i put a heat prob on the outgoing after the radiator on the rear of the case, to start out im getting a temp reading of 90 to 95 drg, both CPU and exhaust.

dropped the cpu rpm to 1,000 the other fan is at 1900 rpm, CPU temp went down to 80 deg and the air flow out was 86 deg, slowing the circulation down gave more time for the heat to disperse by the fans and the PC was sitting at idol not doing anything.


this will probly offend someone and make me the most disliked here, but when i hear dont abuse this product in anyway, its crappy and it will fail taking out half your neighborhood, LOL a true fan would guide lines and test results like what im doing now.

if it does fail it should be sent bsck to them for tests to improve there products,


chris h

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