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Ticket #6024328


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It has nearly been 3 weeks since I have heard anything. The first and last thing I heard was on May 28th. I am after a fan Y cable (fan to CPU block).

I was told that I would be passed to customer service (accessory dept), and they would get back to me regarding a replacement.

I recieved an e-mail:


Thank you for contacting Corsair. Your ticket # is 6024328


We have processed your Accessory Product replacement request. You will receive a shipping confirmation email shortly.


However, I have not heard anything since and I don't believe they have my address!


If someone could let me know what is going on with regards to my ticket, that would be great.



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I am sorry about that our parts department is a little behind buit I have sent them a message for you and asked them to see if they speed things up ASAP.


As long as they haven't forgotten about me I don't mind!

Thank you very much.

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