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HX750 noisy/buzzing PSU


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OK over the last few months my PC has becoming louder and louder the sounds is some kind of buzzing sound but it's not there 24/7 it's almost like a slow spinning fan.


To be honest i thought it was my CPU/Case fans playing up so i bought another CPU cooler a Noctua NH-C12P SE14 for £60, swapped it over and fired it up and all was ok for a day or so then the buzzing was back so i then went out and replaced my stock case fans for my Fractal Design Define XL with Be Quiet SilentWings 2 140mm Case Fan x 3 another £60, plus i also fitted a Reeven SixEyes Fan Controller fired it up again today and bang it's still there, my video card is fanless so IMO i have replaced EVERYTHING i can and it's still there.


I have NO motherboard software installed so nothing like "QFan" etc, I also have no bios features enabled as my CPU fan is cooled and controlled via the sixeyes.


I have read RAM GUY's FAQ on noisy PSU's and IMO I have done all i can the only thing i have not done is testing it in another machine which to be honest is not very easy for me to do, so I have a couple of questions.


Is there anything else i can do to ged rid of the noise, and I have clicked on the "Tech Support Express" link to look at RMA process but everytime i try to login with either email or username "Alloneword" it just comes up with errors, when i ask for password reminder it asks for my email addy which i give then it says "


Your username was not found."


I'm confused.




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