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H100i install :o:


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Well I finally got it, the h100i installed but it took me a few hours, why you might ask? it didn't have the right hardware for it to work, WTF? I had to get washers to put in the back of the back plate to get the hardware to seat properly. The stand off screws would screw all the way down but the back plate would just go through the holes on my mother board and would just flop around in the holes thus not allowing me to seat the plate all the way. I would think additional washers would be supplied for such events. I am very happy with the performance thus far though, I went from a 212 Evo averaging 46 C on standby/62-68 under moderate load/ 79+ heavy load........ Now with the H100i set full speed I am at 33-37 standby/ //// Haven't seen anything above 56 so far after about an hour on Prime95. Very impressive, Just hope this thing keeps on chugging along, I had my Evo for years but this is a fine upgrade in comparison.
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my h80i install took me about 5 hours the first time...very poor instructions and had no knowledge...it would take not even 20-30min the next time i put one together though


5 hours?

surely that includes your smoke breaks;):

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since my H80 had a pump grind noise and i have to send it to corsair tomorrow, i bought a h100i since my case now can support a dual fan.


So on installing it i made a mistake and i had to remove the cooler from the cpu and reapply it. Not 100% remove had to remove the metal plate because i had the cabel underneath it :P so the cooler did move left and right on the CPU. now my question is should i reapply a thermal paste ? or it has not a big problem ?


with 5% load the temp is near 35C

with 15% load it goes to 43C+


what a paste is good ?



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reapplying would mean i had a paste near me :P and i didn't have any. that's why i put it so, the cooler just moved across the cpu i dont think it did came off since i tried to put it down but the tubes did move it.


I just ask should i buy a paste and reapply ?!


and what paste should i use ?!


till now i used always the stock pastes.

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many prefer artic silver

as earlier stated since its together just run it and check temps,it may be ok.

if temps are higher than should be then id re-apply

its a guess as you nor i know how disturbed the tim got.

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links broken

so doing ok?


Try this



hope this will work


i read somewhere that when you run this Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool you should have 40C max my was 50C not sure tbh if it is corect since the tool results was PASSED.


Sorry for spamming.


and thanks ofc for the help and for your time.

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