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My M90 suddenly isn't working.


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I'd like to start off by saying I absolutely love my M90. No mouse has come even close to fitting in my hand this well, the features such as lift detection are absolutely brilliant, and the macro buttons are hard to live without. I was completely thrilled at the opportunity to buy this mouse since it was on sale at Christmas time.


Today, I brought my laptop back over to my office, plugged in my M90 and it didn't light up, my computer also didn't respond with a 'USB' chime. I tested a few other ports, and then two other computers. I then turned on some Deadmau5, as I figured the worst has happened.


I'm certain this is a hardware issue, as no computer is even recognizing that a USB device is being plugged in. I've tested the same USB ports with other USB devices, and they're responding as expected. I have no idea why this has happened, but I already miss my M90.


What would I be able to do? Has anyone faced this sort of issue?

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