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AX860 single click when powered on, no fan, does not power on PC


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I have an AX860 which I purchased new for a custom build


I'm trying to determine what is at fault as I cannot power the system.


I have connected only the 24pin and EPS 12v to the board, the M/B power light comes on but when I attempt to turn on the system the PSU "clicks" once but the fan does not spin up and neither doe the board.


I found a post regarding testing the PSU showing which holes to put a paperclip in.

So with that, I disconnected all components, attempted the paper clip tested but still only a single "click" is heard and the fan doesn't spin up.

I have the switch on the back in "1 Normal" mode as opposed to Hybrid.


In my opinion, the PSU seems to be faulty as my board power light comes on and without the board the PSU still doesn't on.


With the board connected, I ensured the CPU fan cable was plugged in.



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check and make sure your 24 pin connector if fully connected.


Checked, checked and checked again.


I'm puzzled as to why I get some power (ie the Power light on the M/B comes on) but it doesn't turn on.


What is the "click" from the PSU? Overload? Tripping?

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You can use the sata and molex connector to get your reading from. You can use any standard ATX pinout diagram to find the correct pins to test.


Same goes for the PCI cables...it's a good place to read the 12v readings.



I've just used a multimeter against pins 15 & 16 (on the M/B 24-pin connection) on setting V20 and it read 2.13 which as I understand it is just over 2Volts, far less than the supposed 12V it should be pushing out?

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