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Suggestions for Improvement of the 900D


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I finally moved my components into my 900D. I really like all extra space, (even though my setup is extremely modest and dwarfed by the case, which is exactly what I was looking for.) There were a couple of things that I though could be improved:

The hard drive trays should have a cut-out on the back edge to allow the SATA power connectors in the middle of the cable to be seated without having to severely contort the wires.



Can we get a “modesty panel” for the unused hard drive bays? A simple power-coated sheet metal panel with 4 screw holes would be OK. Ideally, one with the threaded studs on the back would be best. One for a single bay and another for both bays.


The one thing that I was a little disappoint with, was that there didn’t seem to be a method of getting power and data cables to the lower hard drive bays without exposing them, (if the upper bays aren’t used.) Admittedly most users of the case are going to fill the bottom of the case with radiators, so they either use the upper bays, or Velcro a couple SSD’s to the back of the motherboard tray. Still, so much of this case seems really well thought out, this was the one thing it that seemed to stick out. If someone out there has found a way, please let me know how you did it.


I’d also like to put in a request for a one piece 5.25”optical bay cover to replace all individual slots that I’ll never use.

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Thats interesting deees. On all the reviews the photographs of the hard drive cages appear different to yours.


The back of the cages in reviews are simply empty... so they only have the two sides and the locking front. Where as yours appears to have a back also.


Wonder if this is a difference between review and final production builds, because the reviewers would not have encountered a problem with cable clearance at the rear since there is nothing blocking at all.


Just a quick google, the first two links, toms hardware and guru3d the photographs of their cages both clearly show no back edge.

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I checked around the review sites and can't find what mr_bzr is talking describing. All the pictures of the hard drive trays seem to look like mine. Can you provide a link the picture of one without the back edge? I'm not doubting you, just wondering if the was a late engineering change to fix one issue, (like too much flexing of the tray), and that ends up interfering with cabling.


Part of my problem may be that I'm using the single-sleeved cables for SATA power. The end plug is OK, but I have 6 drives, so I need to use the interior connectors. The connectors in the middle have lot of wire that gets in the way.


It would also have been nice if Corsair have included a positive lock for the back lower door. I ended up having to zip-tie the power cables to the cages in order to get the door to stay closed.

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Second photo down:



Second and third photo down, the trays close to the front are the hotswap ones so have cables coming out, the trays immediately to the right of them in the photo have no back edge



OK, I see what you're seeing. Those look just like mine. None of the trays has a back, but the rear edge of the floor extends almost to the end of the side rails. The angle of some of the shots makes it seem like the edge of the floor is further in than it actually is.


More importantly, as so clearly depicted in the one from Tom's site, the when the SSD is mounted. the end of the drive is almost in line with the edge of the tray. This means that the power connector has to fit between the tray and the drive. This is why it seems so hard to get the power cables on.


Interesting, I installed a regular HD in one of the unused trays, and the connector on the drive is completely clear of the tray? It didn't feel that way when I was trying to plug them up.


(The case is so bloody big, that I have to place it diagonally on my work table, so it's hard to light it to work on it. (Or to easily reach around it.) I love it!


I still believe that a notch would help with the cabling, (particularly with SSD's.) The next time I pull the back cover off, I plan on looking for the root-cause of the difficultly I had powering the regular drives, (besides age.)

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