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M95 mouse wheel and right mouse button


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To start off, I have already returned my first M95 because it had a problem with it. They exchanged that one within 30 days, I've got the new mouse now.


Does it have a new 30 day warranty period? Because it has some other production problems with it, and I do not want to pay for the shipping cost myself.



I have some questions/problems about the new second mouse they sent me:


Does the M95 use an other mouse wheel then the M65, I own both of them (just bought it). The mouse wheel for the M65 is a bit heavy and easy to control when I scroll with it, but the M95 scrolls wheel feels very light and when I scroll it goes past things very fast. Also, it is easy to press the mouse wheel of the M65 because when I try to press the wheel of the M95 I accidentally scroll and I have to press very hard.


An other thing I have a question about is that the right mouse button of the M95 is a bit loose, so when I press the button it goes down a bit (then makes an annoying sound for other people) and then I have to press to activate the right mouse button, so it seems that the right mouse button is a bit above the activation button.


Has anyone else experienced one of these problems, and should I request an RMA for it or not?

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