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K70 wrist rest --> K60 wrist rest


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I own a K60 keyboard. I was looking for a full length wrist rest, because it's only delivered with a smaller FPS Wrist Rest.


Under products --> keyboard parts, I saw the full length k90/k95 wrist rest, obviously this board is longer then the k60 so that isn't an option.


But with the release of the k70 with full length wrist rest, I was wondering if this part could be used for the k60 keyboard. As far as i know it has the same length/shape as the k60.


Only problem is that the k70 wrist rest isn't being sold separately at the moment (when will it be sold separately?). And two, i don't for sure if it will fit on my k60.


Anyone from Corsair has answers to my questions?

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I don't think the K60 has the mounting points for the full-sized wrist rest only the smaller one.


Ah yeah your right... Forgot you have to 'click' the wrist rest into the keyboard. (never use it on my own board)


Because of the design of the K series keyboards, the slight bump on the bottom, i first thought you could just put it over the little bump...


Nvm this topic then, my bad.

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