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constan bsod with cml8gx3m2a1600c9w


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Hi since purchasing new corsair white 1.35v ram, i have been experiencing bsod's.

At first i thought bad ram, but after testing with memtest86+ and memtest there was no errors after 10 passes with both sticks, single sticks in ever slot config.

I've eliminated ssd after installing win7 on my good 1tb hdd, same problem.

Also tried latest drivers, but bsod all point to memory issues, and after borrowing 4gb corsair vengance blue ram system has been rock stable for 12 hours now.

I was concerned with the fact that both sticks seemed to degrade as such fast rate to the point that system barley able to boot.

What should i do next to prove that ram is faulty, as shop i purchased from have said that if ram does not show faults, then they will not refund or replace as fault must be my system not the ram.

Shop was ocuk.

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Have tested ram in friends pc, cleared cmos after fitting checked timings and voltages were ok on a asus p8z68 v-lx mobo and he then had bsod's.

Also ran memtest86+ from his pc sticks all pass on multliple tests.

Is the fact that this ram is low voltage causing issues with mobo's.

Also i have tried to bump voltage to 1.4v to see if this will make ram stable.

How can i have bad ram, but no test can find any problem with ram modules.

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I don't think you have bad ram, they just need more voltage. If you notice they are rated at 1.5v @1333mhz and then 1.35v@1600mhz. Some systems just have a hard time running tat the overclocked settings at the advertized voltage.


Load set-up or optimized defaults, enable the XMP profile, but manually set the voltage to 1.5v. Let us know how you make out.

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Appreciate response on a sun evening penutz, have bumped voltage to 1.5v and so far for 2hrs has been stable.

I hope this sorts the issue, but still disappointed that spent extra £10 for ultra low voltage ram, over std 1.5v vengance.

I will watch sytem over next couple day, and let you know if problem re-occurs

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nope system unstable even running at 1.5v, system totally stable running borrowed ram.

Will rma back to corsair for replacement.

2nd set of bad corsair ram in 2 years, not exactly happy of seemingly poor quality of products.

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