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Raptor H5 Microphone Issues


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I purchased a Raptor H5 headset today, and the microphone is not working properly. When I test the mic, my voice is coming across muffled and tinny, while I can hear every background noise in the room with crystal clarity.


I have fiddled with both the Windows and the included software settings without success and am becoming increasingly frustrated.


It appears that the active noise cancellation is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do; muffling my voice and amplifying all of the ambient noise in the room. Honestly, my case fans are louder in the headset than they are in the room!!


Please help.




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I used both. The issue persisted.


From what I have seen on these forums, a lot of other people are having the same issues with very little in the way of a resolution other than being asked the same question you did and then being told to just RMA them. Based on this it doesn't seem to me that the issue is even being acknowledged, so I just took them back to the store and got a different brand that worked perfectly out of the box.



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I also have this problem. This is extremely frustrating. I've tried the USB and the 3.5mm to no avail. Tried using countless combinations of Mic Boost, conference mode, noise reduction, echo cancellation. No one can hear me even when the capture volume is maxed. I'm told I sound like I'm talking through a tin can with super high gain.


It disappoints me that Corsair would let these issues go unresolved for so long. This would be my second RMA'd headset in 1 week, if I wasn't holding out hope that a fix will be available soon.

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