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K60 types multiple keys on single key press (n6 instead n)


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Firstly I apologize if this issue has been posted before as far as I could see in search the problem for others is ghosting or just full on freak outs where random windows open or keys stop functioning)



I have a corsair k60 keyboard that has just randomly "remapped" it's keys

ex. "n" results in "n6" while


~ = z~

/ = -/

I've used it on multiple o.s. and made sure to use usb 2.0 ports but all that resulted in was a randomizing of the faulty keys

(in other words which keys were malfunctioning at that moment)


2. I have maintained and reinstalled the firmware to make sure it wasn't a simple need to update but that hasn't helped (again on multiple OSs)


3. I know it hasn't experienced any drops, crushes, or spills


4. This specific keyboard was a giveaway from a newegg event at my university (yes from newegg employees/representatives)

so while I already filed a tech support ticket here I'm not sure if the warranty is even going to be upheld or if this is newegg's problem? Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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