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If you are frustrated about moving Profiles Up and Down keys on M90!


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I was bothered that the Profile "up" and "Down" keys were default mapped to the 10 1nd 11 keys on my M90. I am an MMO player and these were keys that I really needed for other functions, as I don't need to switch to other profiles on the fly. Actually I'm not sure who would need to constantly switch profiles in a mmo game while actually playing. So I decided to remap those profile up and down keys to the default "DPI Up" and "DPI down" keys as I never need to change DPI on the fly either (Thats got to be for FPS games I imagine). Wow what a hassle.


I could not get the Profiles up & Down" keys to remap properly-I wanted to use the default "DPI Up" and "DPI down" keys for this function. It simply refused to stay set in Hardware Playback. Rather than go into the hour or more spent reflashing and all the little idiosyncrasies etc-I finally noodled it through my head and came up with this answer. I had only 2 profiles on mouse-so I simply created 6 profiles for all 6 keys. I just saved the default names "Profile 3, 4 ,5 etc) and saved to mouse. Then I went to EVERY profile and made the Default DPI Up and Down keys (key 5 and 6 on M90) to my Profile Up and Down keys. Make sure you save to M90


Now in Hardware mode my 5 and 6 keys make my Profiles (and lights etc) go 1 through 6 and back again. Maybe this is confusing but I couldn't find any info on this.

It shouldn't be that hard, and indeed on other brands of gaming mice the software/hardware saving and remapping is much better and developed, but I like the mouse.


Ironically the game I am curreently playing (Rift) accepts all functions in software so I don't even need to worry about all this. The last game I played "Skyrim" however would NOT accept software controls and needed to be run in Hardware Playback Mode.


Logitechs G600 MMO mouse is much more intuitive to run (in both modes) but is a different feel mouse.

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Remapped the default DPI buttons to Profile Up and Down buttons. (See my post below on that experience).

Anyway-it seems the DPI settings for each game would never save, and always went right back to Profile 3 (5700)


I unchecked use Hardware box and saved again. In software mode the DPI settings stay per profile. After unchecking the box, I re checked the Hardware box and it seems they are now staying saved even in hardware mode.


This software is so buggy it is like having a applaince you have to hit in a certain spot every time. Honestly it needs some serious testing and QA cmon.


Finding out these fixes is a pain in the ***.

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