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Windows Key and Ctrl key are switched in Win 8


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I have several computers:


Toshibla laptop with Vista

x58 ASUS Rampage 3 with Win 7

h77 ASRock miTIX with Win 8



On the Win 8 machine the keys act differently.


left ctrl = windows key

left windows key = ctrl

right windows key = ctrl

right ctrl = ctrl



The keyboard runs fine on Win 7 and Vista.

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No worries man,


Maybe try going into the control panel>Computer Management>System Tools>Device Manager>Keyboards, Expand Keyboards and from the dropdown you will see your device listed. Right click on it and select uninstall. If you see more than one keyboard device, remove them all. Then right click on Keyboard (from the device manager) and select Scan for Hardware Changes. It should reinstall the keyboard. Good luck.

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did not work...errr there were 3 there. I removed all of them and re-scanned and did not fix the problem..


but ty so much for replying to the thread :)


I am just glad I will be moving back to my normal win 7 computer and will not have to deal with this anymore...but I know that eventually I will be installing Win 8 on my main rig :(

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That is quite bizarre. I use a K95 on Windows 8 64bit with no issues like that. Any other K70 users with that problem out there? The K70 should support Windows 8 since it came out well after the Windows OS. Windows 8 has a build in restore that you can try an use. I think its called a System Refresh. It will basically reinstall the windows OS files while keeping your programs intact.
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