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bad sectors


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Hi !

I think my SSD (F60GB2-A) has bad sectors .

I get BSOD from time to time .

I tried to scan it with HD Tune and the whole system hangs when trying to scan specific sector(s) .

Is there anything I can do besides erase it ?

Can I reallocate the bad sectors ?


Thanks !

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To check if your partition is aligned.


Run command box > msinfo32 > Expand "Components" > Expand Storage > Disks > look for Partition Starting Offset under the GS SSD.


Partition Starting Offset / 4096


If the result came out as a whole number, your partition is aligned.

If not, The partition is not aligned.

yours is not a whole number.

i would suggest using Acronis to make an image, store it on another drive, dont forget to make the bootable recovery disk, do a secure erase and align the partition then boot to the recovery disk and restore.

good luck.

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I managed to align it .

I formatted it , I secure erased it and I installed Windows 8 on it .

I still get errors .

When the computer boots , the SSD is not detected sometime .

I think it's good to throw it away :) .

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