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Having some weird problems....


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First, my basic specs are:


Motherboard: ABIT IC-7G max II

Memory: XMS DDR500 PC4000, 1024 twin-x

Processor: 3.2E

Bios setting: all default, reads the RAM as 3,3,3,8


My system ran stable for the first couple months I built it. Suddenly its started having hard-resets, and randomly crashing. I've traced it to the RAM, when I run memory tests on the RAM in dual channel I get errors and when I run prime95 I get errors, tried at stock voltage(2.6) 2.65, and 2.7, no 2.75 option. When I test each stick individually they pass memory tests and no problems running prime95, used 2.65, and 2.7 volts on this test.


It doesn't seem like typical defective RAM symptoms to me. Is there anything else I can try? I don't have access to any other RAM right now, I might be able to borrow some from somewhere....

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