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Ticket: #6033458 & #1292227


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I have a couple of questions that I'm a little unsure about. :confused:


  1. I was told I would receieve a pre-paid shipping label to return my speakers, when will I receive this?
  2. The lady on the phone told me to use the new RMA number #1292227. However I am unable to look up this claim as it isn't in my ticket history when i log into the customer portal, so at the moment I am only able to print off the RMA form with the previous #6033458 number on, because i can't find the new form... with the new rma number on anywhere.



I hope those make sense...


Thank you for your time, I will look forward to your reply(s)




edit: I think the Lady gave me the new RMA number due to me paying the $50 upgrade to the SP2500 speakers... (if that helps)

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1. Takes about 3 business days to process that I believe.

2. You can't use that RMA number to look it up, but that IS the correct RMA number to use.


Right, that's cleared a few of my questions then.


Do i just use the existing RMA form then and cross the existing rma number off (#6033458) and replace it with the new one (#1292227), because the barcode etc still have the old RMA number on, as I was under the impression I would receive a new form too ?


Thanks in advance



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