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Voyager air and Parrot asteroid Classic


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Hello Guys, (and Gals?)

I am struggling to find the answer to this query.....


I currently have a Parrot Asteroid Classic stereo in my car. I am about to buy a Voyager Air 1TB. I was wondering if there was a way of connecting the two so that i can stream music in my car. (via the USB port?)


I'm guessing i should be able to stream it through my iphone4 (Voyager Air - wireless connection - iphone4 - bluetooth - Stereo)


I just wanted to know if it would connect directly.


Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give.



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I have tested VA with other brands (Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine) but no Parrot products yet. Keep in mind that you may need format your VA FAT32. The head units I have tested so far won't read exFAT and NTFS formatted drives.


I have also used a 3rd gen iPod Touch with a Pioneer App Radio 2. I was able to listen to music stored on the VA thru the head unit using the iPod but, I only had full application control of the music using the iPod touch. Due to app limitations I could only navigate one song forward or backwards using the head unit controls.


I think you will be fine either direct connected or using your iPhone 4. Just remember to check the Parrot specs for format support on USB drives.

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