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Sleeved cables and voltage


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I have a AX1200 Corsair psu that is 2 years old this month, from day one the voltage readings tested with a digital voltmeter were always low but within specs, last month I ordered the Corsair sleeved cables for it and have had them installed since then, I have been testing and monitoring the voltage with the new cables and they have improved and nolonger drop, I don't know if the wire in the sleeved cables is better quality or not, but now my readings are as follows and does not drop even when fully loaded : 12.081v 3.324v 3.332v 5.032. my voltages use too be 11.996v 2.999v 2.997v 4.996v. and I don't think it's because the original cables had worn connectors from age as those were my voltage readings from day one. all I can say is I am very happy with my readings and these new cables, and for 40 bucks you can't complain. maybe this can help others with voltage problems or not but thought I would post this info. :biggrin:
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