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Problem with the support page + the K95

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Hello there,


So here i was trying to log into the support page, with no success. So i figured i forgot my password and requested a password reset, only to find out that no account exists under my e-mail address.


So of course i try to create an account with my credentials, only to get this error:






The reason why i wanted to check out technical support is that i want to trade in my K90 for a K95 with me paying the costs. The keyboard is has no damages, all buttons work and there is no problem with the backlight.

So maybe it could be refurbished and sold to another person.(i will clean it before sending ofcourse)


So, any enlightenment on the issue with the support page?

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Tried it again this morning, still the same problem.


I also noticed something conflicting on the password recovery page:



It asks for a username and if wrong, it says that your username is wrong, but the field itself says E-mail.


So i've tried both my E-mail and my username, without any luck.

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I need to report a support incident for a bad memory stick, but I cannot register an account(have not been able to since Saturday) getting the error message listed on this post. How do I contact warranty support to get my memory stick replaced? Thank you.
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