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GPU power node compatibility with power hungry cards


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First off, I love the Corsair link concept, but in my OPINION it really is poorly implemented and should really be sold as a Beta product. I've been using the link commander for 6 months now.


I just upgraded my video card from a hd6850 to a hd7950. I noticed a few issues I wanted to share with the community.

-First, the GPU power node has a max readout of 150W. This was fine for the 6850 as with overclocking on air I never went over about 145W.

- Second, The hd7950 requires more than 150W and it has a "boost" clock that turns on and off when it has the power to do so. When connected to the node it erratically jumps between the boost and stock clocks, causing flickering and low performance. When I plug it strait into my Corsair AX750 it sits comfortably at the boost clock and all issues subside.


I simply wanted to bring this to the attention of the community and developers, as I believe this is something that potentially should be placed on the products list of requirements. I know this caused me some grief as my new card wasn't performing as it should have.

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I am looking into this and will reply ASAP with more details, however each dongle will be rated at 18 Amps and if your Video card uses more than 150 Watts it will use 2 6+2 PCI-E Cables allowing up to 18 Amps each which the GPU Node will monitor with out problems.

18 Amps at 12 Volts = 216 Watts per dongle.

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Ok, I grabbed a few screen shots to demonstrate the issue. After looking into the issue further, I don't believe this is an issue that would effect the average Power User. In this example I'm using bitcoin mining. You can see the performance change in Mhash/s in the bottom right corner.


Ramguy, after explaining the power ratings, I see where my issues are coming from. I'm simply demanding more power than the 6 pin PCI-E connection is rated for. Your quick response was appreciated and I Thank You.



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