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M90 mouse and K90 Keyboard


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While I’ve owned the keyboard now for well over a year and the mouse now for 5-6 months I’ve had a problem with each


I’ve also had a recurring issues with my graphite 600 pc case(as seen on one of my other threads) as well as an annoyance with an H80 refusing to function


I’m a regular corsair customer and at one time considered them top notch but now I’m wondering what is going on...


Everything I have purchased from corsair in that last 2? Years has needed an RMA and now it’s both the mouse and keyboard...


Where the keyboard’s leds flash uncontrollably from time to timez and continuously clicks a key as if I’m holding it after release other times


The issues with the mouse are ghost movements (where the mouse trails off) and the scroll wheel misbehaving


It makes me start wondering if it’s worth the shipping costs to even rma them, instead of just switching back to other companies (will not name them of course) for my HIDs. As my recent history with corsair seems to suggest I will have to do it again and again it may make more sense to do just that


End of the day I have submitted a ticket for the mouse but I’m left wondering… Just what happened to the corsair name and what it once stood for

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I'm using the latest firmware on each...

M90: While scroll up or will randomly start scrolling down... been living with it for 2 months now... it’s just gotten much worse now to the point where at times I literally can’t make it up a page. The trailing off should be self-explanatory, the mouse without moving physically will act as if it’s being moved


K90: Flashing leds... worst being the alt key (completely minor not worth RMAing). say for example I click the Y key and release, sometimes instead of releasing the keyboard behaves as if I’m still holding the hey down. It doesn’t happen often but it feels as if it’s getting more and more frequent (again minorish)


The biggest issue for me now isn’t that its happened its that I will literally need to buy a replacement device just for the short time the mouse is gone as it’s the only mouse I have at the moment


forgot... 6033668 ticket number

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well thanks but i have decided to move on from the mouse, and bought something from somewhere else... coincidentally it decided to work more appropriately two days after i bought the new mouse. i have literally no idea why
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