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Wow. Very happy with Corsair products and their services.


Very impressed with both Corsair and Asus's RMA service. This is my first experience with either of the two RMA services. I have to say in my case, both are first class.


Just over one week for turn around times. The mobo was sent to the opposite end of Canukistan of me. The PSU was sent to the States. Both arrived at same time back to me.


A while back, my AX1200 and P9X79 Deluxe both ***** the bed and went south. The PSU died first, then the mobo shortly after. I sent them both out the same day.


I received an email from Asus a few days after sending. They informed me that there was no P9X79 Deluxe boards available for RMA, so they were going to upgrade me to the P9X79 WS. Although this might be a better board than the Deluxe, I really liked the Deluxe as it performed stellar and not one issue with it. Until it died of course. I replied back asking if was possible they could substitute one these three boards instead: Rampage IV Formula, Sabertooth X79, or the Maximus IV Gene. I got a reply back stating there was no Gene boards either, but I could have a Sabertooth or a RIVF. I went for the RIVF as I am running one now and am very happy with it's performance. Had the new ROG m-ITX board been released at that time, I would have begged for one of them.


What I sent to Asus RMA:

- P9x79 Deluxe. Just the mobo in static bag packed in a box.

What I received back from Asus:

- Rampage IV Formula. Looks to be brand new. Not refurbished. I came in the retail box with all the goodies. Looked like the seal on box was only broke to include the RMA slip.


What I RMA'd to Corsair:

- AX1200 PSU. Just the PSU and no cables. Packed in the original box and sent.

What I received back from Corsair:

- AX1200i. Brand new full retail package in factory sealed box.


Even with the grief I experienced, how could a person bitch about that. Especially if it was user error that caused failure. That is IF it was user error.


Because of this, I am finding it very hard to come up with any reason to use any other brands for my PSU, memory, or mobo needs.


First F*cking Class Service. Thanks Corsair and Asus.


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