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Ticket# 6028259, No reply + question

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I filled out an RMA ticket a week ago (the 30th) and got the email saying it would be reviewed in 8 hours, but that's the last communication I've received. I noticed that while filling the ticket out I only had the option of an Accessory Product Request, I wasn't sure if maybe that takes longer than a normal RMA (or if that's even what I need...)


Here is what I put into the description on the ticket, sorry for wall of text ahead:


"Initially, computer booted and CPU hit 90° almost immediately (less than 30 seconds) and automatically shut down. All case fans were working, so I cleaned the CPU and heatsink of thermal paste and reapplied, this helped but CPU was still slowly increasing in temp to 90° (about 5 minutes) and shutting down. Since the first shutdown I have only booted to BIOS configuration, never to Windows, so there is little to no CPU load.


The H80 unit has power, the push-pull fans spin, the fan speed controller is lit up and responds to button presses, but it does not seem to increase or decrease fan speed regardless of fan speed setting.


I have tried plugging the pump unit's 3-pin into different parts of the board, it always seems to have power but doesn't increase or decrease fan speed (the push-pull fans work at all locations).


I tried the firmware reset, it initially sits with the second speed option illuminated and the person-silhouette flashing, after about 30 seconds it then illuminates the second and third fan speed options with the silhouette still flashing. There is no noticeable change in fan speed during any part of that process. I'm not sure what happens after that because at that point my CPU finally hits 90° (about 3-4 minutes total from cold start) and I shut it down.


So, I'm not sure if it's a problem with the pump or the fan speed controller. I would love to fix this rather than wait for a replacement unit, so if there are any further suggestions please let me know, I've looked through the forums and the two main tips offered I've already tried.


EDIT: Last night I even tried plugging all system fans into the motherboard and not the NZXT Fan speed controller, and did another reset. BIOS had the fans at 1700 RPM during the entire process, never higher or lower. HDMonitor confirms this."



Sorry again for length. The unit was purchased from Newegg.com during the last week of December of 2012, I unfortunately don't have a copy of the receipt and Newegg's records only go back 120 days.

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I am sorry that happened but the ticket was submitted as a part replacement not an RMA request. I have changed the ticket to an RMA request and approved the request. Please check your email for instructions on how to return the unit and fans so it can be replaced. In addition, you can call our customer service by phone and request an Advanced RMA if you like but it would have to be done over the phone. The number is listed under 888-222-4346 on our web site.
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