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hx 620 no more sata cables


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hi there


well like i say in the title i have no more sata cables because i have another pc and a bunch of hdd that needed a lot of cables and now i'm stucked with this power supply


the problem is that corsair sells the cables for different power supply but not mine


do i have to understand that my hx 620 is compatible with others power supplies?


btw the price for the package in my country is really high and i don't need all the cables (around 100$ )


at the end of the day the price for the package with all different cables is the same price than for a new power supply


this is nuts


can you help me with that?



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As much as they would like to be able to support legacy products, it's just about iimpossible after a period of time You might submit an RMA request and see if the parts department would have some left. They might be able to sell you some that way. If not i would check places like Ebay and such for second hand sets.


Even the braided sets would not be compatible with that PSU. So you couldn't even go that route if you had to. Sorry!

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