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Corsair 600T Fan Control 100% No Control


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Turned on my PC this morning and my fans were at 100% and one of my 200mm fans stopped working.


The fan wasn't dead, but one of the fan control wires were, also I couldn't lower the speeds of my fans that are connected to the controller. The fan knob is cold, usually it was always warm.

The case is probably out of warranty, I had it since Sandy Bridge CPUs/MBs came out.


Haven't read anything about the fans staying at 100%.

Is it a part that can be repaired or somehow buy the replacement fan controller?

Im not too worried, I was looking into buying a Vengeance C70, maybe my 600T is mad :p: and broke so I couldn't get much resale value.

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All Corsair cases have a 2 year warranty.


If your case's warranty is expired, contact customer service via phone and ask if you can buy a replacement 600T front I/O panel.


You can call them via Skype using their toll-free number (Listed on their website)

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