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PSU AX850 Warranty Question

Bad Fenny

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I am new to this forum and sorry if this question has been asked before or if it seems obvious.


I am a building a military themed pc mod with a distressed battle look (exterior/interior). While I won't be messing with my motherboard components or gpu, I would like to slightly distress the psu to give it a used look. This would include slight aluminum brushing along the psu edges (distressed use) and addition of rust paint to age it (this is not a complete repaint only limited application along the edges and chasis). In addition, I would be individually sleeving the psu cables. I will not be opening the psu or removing the warranty sticker.


My question is . . . will this void my warranty?


Any help for a newbie to this sight would be appreciated :confused:





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it would be better to have a mylar/vinyl label printed to adhere to it to give the look you want without modifying a thing.

also make sure the Corsair label is left untouched as this WILL void the warranty. if thats the side that is exposed you can put a piece of paper over it before adhering the suggested label so if ever a need for RMA you simply peel off the label you made and the Corsair label is intact.

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  • Corsair Employees

You can do any thing you like to the PSU but the following you cannot do.

1. Remove or deface any PN#label or warning Label

2. Cut change or modify the case or cables.

So as long as you do not cover the labels or remove them you should be okay.

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