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installing vengence 32gig x 2 kits


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Hey guys i have 2x32gig new kits of vengence ram for a total of 64gig to be installed thanks to corsairs fine rma policy :praise:.Is it best to not mix these kits up when installing by keeping 1 kit in the left 4 slots and the 2nd kit in the right 4 dim slots.Thanks ;):
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combining 2 kits on the same motherboard is not officially supported or recommended however you can try what you proposed and see what happens. you may not reach the full 1866 speed with 2 kits and may be limited to a slower speed like 1600.

unfortunately since the 2 kits were never tested at the factory as a full 64G kit the results will be unpredictable.

you may need some voltages bumped up since 8 sticks are a much bigger strain on the CPUs memory controller.

i would mark one kit somehow and try different combinations to see what may work best. make sure the kits are the same exact version.

let us know!

also upgrade your BIOS to the latest before attempting this to get the best chance of success.

good luck.

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