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Just got new M60 - can't update firmware


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Is it normal for the M60 to have kind of spongy feeling clicks?


I'm just comparing it to my $7 Kensington mouse, which has a single define click on mouse1 and mouse2, whereas the M60 has what I can only describe as more of a spongy feel. It makes it seem easier to accidently click the mouse button when you don't want too.


Anybody else experience this?

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Sorry about the multiple threads. You know how us gaming enthusiasts are, when we get a new peripheral it's a mad rush to make sure it's operating normally.


What does the "i" button say in the software for your mouse Future?



Firmware: 1.07

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Yeah, I thought the same thing, far too soft. Very unrelaxing and (IMO) bad for the hands having to hover your fingers constantly.


...So... DIY FIX

Get an eraser, cut (or pick) off a little piece of rubber say 2x2x5mm and lodge it under the front edge of the main buttons, the 'buttons' are just flaps of flexible plastic so they're easy to lift slightly to get them under. Nibble away at it until it's just held in place.


Yeah, bit of a weak design point that.


CORSAIR - If you made your L and R mouse button plastic a little thinner still you could put an adjustable screw into the chassis under the front edge of each button, so the button bends at the mid-point when pressed instead of the whole button 'flap' bending down... And we'd have customizable click pressure - I'd be OK with some kind of profit-share thing.

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