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Final word on AI Suite conflict?


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After searching forum I see that the two software tools do not co-exist well with each other. But can you clarify what the process should be for a proper install? For intance Corsair Link installs a driver as well as its software. Does this need to be installed at all? Or can the cooler operate perfectly fine without any tweaking?


I also see a thread comment where you say H80i/Link will detect if AI Suite is running and shut down. That doesn't happen with my setup and I'm running the latest Link beta.


Then I saw a post stating 'completely shut down AI Suite" and then run Link. Does this just mean quit the AI program and then launch Link and they'll both get along? At the same time this still would seem to trigger false readings in AI Suite if Link is installed.


An official clarification of proper settings for this combo would be great!


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