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New AX760 coil whine (dog whistle).


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Howdy folks,


This is the first time posting on these forums and I have grim news. The AX760 PSU I bought on new egg a month ago while waiting for my other PC parts to arrive is not performing as well as I had hoped.


Ever since I've installed it there is a high frequency coil whine coming from the power supply unit. It is a constant high pitched noise that can only be ignored with high RPM fan noise (I tend to keep those down). I asked my folks in the household to put their ear near the unit to hear the coil whine and they admit to hearing nothing. My sister and I who are 23 and 26 respectively can hear it as bright as day! That is why I put dog whistle in the title because really, that is what it is!


Now I'm a little hesitant to RMA it right away. Maybe it needs a warm up. I don't know. I'm finally running SLI. Maybe the 2 670's are drawing too much power for the 760W? I heard it was adequate.


The other question I have for the corsair support here: If I do RMA it back, how will I know if it's properly fixed if it's being serviced by an older gentleman? If I was 5-7 years older, I probably wouldn't be hearing what I hear now and this would be a none issue but right now, it is pretty darn annoying but BEARABLE for now. Still debating on what to do.


Note: I disabled the power stats of the CPU on my mobo to see if that would fix the issue. No go.


Any suggestions?

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The noise is still around. I found that when I turn off the computer and everything is powered off, the coil whine still lingers at the same intensity. When I flick the switch to cut the power I can hear it whirring down to silence, as if the energy is being sucked out of the psu. When I turn the power switch back on again, the high piched whirring is none existent until I power on the PC.


So this is the pattern I have.


1. When PSU is switched from on to off, the coil whine goes away.


2. When the psu is switched from off to on the coil whine doesn't exist.


3. When I power on the computer and the components, the coil whine activates.


4. When I turn off the computer the coil whine stays active until I manually flick the switch to off.


Any ideas? I'll keep it for a week or two and see if it goes away. Has anyone seen this before?

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Please use the link on the left and request an RMA and post the case number I will see it gets replaced for a unit that does not do that.


maxvons sorry I can help you with that model it is not ours!

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