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corsair h100i stopped cooling


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my h100i after a month stopped to cool my cpu

I had to go back to stock amd cooler as my pc become unstable and shutdown itself

temperatures reported by corsairlink under full load

cpu 81C

h100i temp 1 65c


system is not overclocked


please advise



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we cant advise you on what may be wont if you took the hydro out but you can connect the power cord and see if the pump is running.


you must understand this is a company computer, and it has to work, I spent whole evening and most of the night on trying all sort of things, at midnight GMT I gave up and had to leave pc up and running ready for morning.


I bought two new PCs, same specification, and I was trying and swapping hardware between them in out of office time, yes I think I can feel pump works, it does some grinding noise deepens a lot louder when positioned horizontally and less audible when positioned vertically


suddenly it stopped cooling, on full load stock cooling keeps CPU on about 63 degrees maximum while first month h100i kept the cpu at top 54 degrees and for the second pc it still does, now it goes way too high and mostly within minutes pc shutdown once it starts some heavy load rendering


I can add one more information, bios and corsairlink report pump speed at 2400+ RPM, a bit more than 2100+ on the one working


specification of PCs


unfortunately h100i I bought from amazon.co.uk on 1 of May and with their one month return policy they directed me here to manufacturer



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