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Corsair Vengeance 2000 - ton of noise?


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I had my old Corsair Vengeance 2000 replaced, due to 2 issues (crack + charging plug was broken). Once I received the new one, I never really had a chance to try out my replacement headset in detail, but I was testing it just now after having received my replacement dongle today, but I'm actually having a lot of background noise, echo (of my own headset's sound) and a static noise while in idle. I honestly can't recall having this in the past with the first headset, as I would have probably sent it back for a refund straight away if it did.

I can only set my microphone to < 5%, or my sound to < 15% to not hear my own playback, as loud as the actual content playing, when recording/listening to myself (it also seems to catch sound that's like 10 miles away). And the noise, appearing as soon as the headset activates, is also extremely annoying.


Anyone has any experience with any of the issues I seem to be experiencing? I've tried out 2 laptops, and they both result in the same issues.

Not being able to play music while using VOIP would be an extreme letdown, and I never had anyone ask me to mute my microphone, even with it set to broadcast continuously (no push 2 talk/activation). I just can't imagine I had this with my old headset.



Another issue is an extremely loud bass noise (and by loud I mean loud enough to not hear birds with my window open) when I plug-in the headset to charge, which dissapears when I lift the microphone up...



Maybe someone can record the exact same sound as me, so I have something to compare with. I guess the easiest one would be the youtube clip with the most views, aka gangnam.


I've recorded a few clips (if the title contains only 1 percentage, it means the microphone %, with audio levels at 75%),

Check the 1% microphone & 10% sound + microphone ones, it's not even funny that you still hear it.


Also, when I enable the Microphone Check-option and have both at 100%, it actually echo's through twice, so it even echo's on the original echo, sigh (IE: Test Test Test).


Last, but not least, charging:

/headset-charging and this seriously is terrible. I know for sure that I didn't have this one on my old headset, as I charged it a lot...
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I don't hear anything that you're describing but it may be how you recorded it. However, we can replace it again for you if your last headset didn't have this problem and your new one does. Contact our customer service and they can take care of it for you if you provide them your last RMA number.
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