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350D custom fan replacement front 120 or 140mm ?


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can I fit 2 SP120mm PWM fans in the front of a Obsidian 350D case? or only AF140mm (why no PWN yet) ?

I bought a set of :


exhaust: Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition. 120mm | CO-9050001-WW

for H100i: Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition Twin Pack. 120mm |

intake: Corsair Fan SP120 PWM Low Noise High Pressure Fan 120mm x2


I've done this because of the PWM control I need, because wont be using a fan-controller


was a bit of a hurry .. and afterwards I watched a couple of videos and reviews and only saw the cases with AF 140mm fans in the front..

would appreciate if you guys could help out asap, cus the AF140mm are low in stock here in our country. So have to order them fast..


thanks in advance

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