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Problem with Corsair Headset Software (V2000)


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Hey guys, just got my Vengeance 2000 a couple of days ago. No issues with the headset, connectivity, or receiver at all.


I do have one problem with the software however. I installed the 2.0.7 drivers and the EQ update from the Corsair website, and while the headset functions and sounds great, the Corsair headset software panel opened the first time, but since I cannot get it to open.


I click on "Corsair Headset Software" and nothing shows up. It's like it's force-closing as soon as I attempt to open it, nothing is shown in task manager either.


I've tried restarting my computer multiple times, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers + restarting, seemingly everything, but the panel won't open.


If it helps I'm using a Lenovo Y580 20994HU with Windows 7 HP 64bit.

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